The Diva’s Challenge #308

I won’t lie, I’ve let you down. I’ve been doing the Diva Challenges, but I haven’t been posting my results…mostly because they were awful, also because they sucked! I may still post them here, we will see, but the Diva herself gave me a challenge I couldn’t turn down. Of course, that means I couldn’t mess it up! This weeks challenge was to return to your “comfort” tangles. The tangles you enjoy, that you’ve drawn over and over are a good place to start. For me, it was deciding which to choose.

Almost from the first, back on Pinterest, I kept seeing art from A Little Lime, Helen Williams amazing blog. Helen’s art is very organic, many of her tangles come from plants and flowers she sees in her garden. Her pieces drew me back again and again. The first I learned and that I kept returning to is called “Ruffles”. Helen has a new pattern catalog including step outs for all her 2016 patterns available on her blog. Check out her beautiful blog  with the step out for Ruffles here.

The other pattern that finds it’s way into everything I draw is “betweed”. As with all official patterns, you can find the step out for betweed on

Here is my “MacNCheese” challenge tile (#dc308) featuring Ruffles and Betweed.

Diva Challenge 308.jpg
“Mac n Cheese” DC #308


See you soon for more tireless tangling!


7 thoughts on “The Diva’s Challenge #308”

    1. I always have varying degrees of success but I think my work is maturing a bit (which is great!) my past challenges are in my “diva challenge” menu choice! Thank you so much for stopping by and for the encouraging words!


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