It’s a String Thing #191

On Tuesday, another “it’s a string thing”  weekly challenge from Tickled to Tangle’s Adele Bruno was  released. This week we’re doing string number 191 with an Easter flair! Let me show  you the Easter string and tangles used this week and then one of my 3 tries!

It’s a String Thing (IAST) #191

This weeks tangle selections are:

Zenith by Maria Thomas

Keeko by Maria Thomas

Mel-Mel By Adele Bruno

Echoism By Maria Thomas (link to Margaret Bremner’s site for “echoism and then some”.)


This tile struggled to come together and began as a real mess. My zenith was/is messy, I forgot to change the size of keeko at the edge of the egg shape, and I couldn’t manage to do much creative with Mel-Mel. This year, with my resolution not to “give up” on messy tiles, I marched on to the end trying to pay extra attention to the shading. (Don’t ask where the light was coming from, I have no idea!).  As usual,the problems disappear when the shading is good. I find it very interesting now and though never perfect, I’m pleased with the result.😃

Check back soon for more tangled zen!


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