The Go-To Pattern Library Daily Challenge

The Tangle It! Pattern Club on Facebook began a very inventive daily challenge last week. The premise of the challenge is to make a short list of your go-to tangles (the tangles you tend to use over and over because they’ve become a part of you), then using a focus pattern (last week’s was the  Zentangle® original pattern Shattuck) and a predetermined string from the group, you finish your tile using only your go-to tangles. There are 7 different strings each week and your tiles then go into a dedicated album that becomes your “go-to” library and shows your skill evolution with each Tangle over time. If you are looking for skill building challenges that help solidify your patterns as well as allowing you to explore a pattern’s versatility in a structure that is safe, I highly recommend this challenge! If you’d like to join me and many others in the Go-To challenge, here’s where you start! 

Week 1, string 1, #shattuck, #tipple, #betweed, #printemps

Week one, String 2, #paradox, #shattuck, #drawings, #fescu

Week 1,string 3′ #tipple, #ruffles, #shattuck

Week 1, string 4, #printemps, #hollibaugh, #shattuck, #joki, #apcorg, #betweed

week one, string 5, #shattuck, #betweed
There is no tile 6. I drew the string and started with shattuck. Unfortunately, the string had a nice round loop and my brain went “zengem!” About the time I finished drawing the setting I realized neither the gem nor the setting were in my go-to library! Sigh! I could’ve started over but I’m already 2 days behind on this week’s daily challenges.

Here’s the 7th and last string.

Week 1, string 7, #shattuck, #flux, #apcross
I liked that I was able to change up shattuck quite a bit each time but my favorite tile was string 4. Reminds me of a funky jungle! Although I don’t know if I progressed with my drawing of shattuck, I know that I will see much broader possibilities now and my confidence in choosing one of those possibilities is now much stronger. Thanks to Ina Sonnenmoser, administrator of the Tangle it! Pattern club, for this great idea and for being willing to work so hard to bring it to fruition! Great challenge!


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