ZenGems: Meet Amanda Rose Rambo

About a month ago in my Facebook group Tangle It! Pattern Club, they featured an amazing artist named Amanda Rose Rambo.

Amanda Rose Rambo

She was focusing on creating faceted gems with setting patterns provided by artists within the group. Faceted gems were something I’d wanted to try for awhile so I took a chance and tried it out. I could show you my last try but no. Best to learn from the mistress of gems, the talented, Amanda Rose Rambo. With a great YouTube channel, coloring books and and tutorials, both online and in books, Amanda’s star is on the rise. Looking at her work will give you an idea of just how talented she is.

Here is Amanda’s bio and links to her YouTube channel and etsy store. If you are crazy about coloring or tangling, Amanda’s books are a great place for information and exquisite art!

“Hello to all you lovely people. My name is Amanda Rose Rambo and I am a Gem-aholic!

It has been a life long dream of mine to be an artist and to do what I love as my career. With the incredible support of my amazing husband I began doing my art full time just under 2 years ago. 

Although I am not a tangler by heart my love for art and the constant work I began doing with art again led me to tangling, when I was looking into the craze of Coloring Books for grown ups. Traditionally trained as a painter and 2 dimensional artist I fell in love with tangling for a short while and did my first Coloring Book for Adults in the Zentangle style, (Color a Creation, For the Artist Within) After that my love for making coloring books took off and I joined the craze, creating books every other month or so. After a few coloring books were made I found more than a love for creating them I started really coloring and found that Colored pencils were a really versatile medium and began getting into the art of it, not just the illustration.


This is my favorite! The setting is lovely and the gem amazing.


A few months later I found ZenGems and a new obsession was born!! I couldn’t stop, I made gems and settings and doodled like a mad woman and then began creating Coloring books just for gems! I became pretty good at them and began getting asked if I made tutorials and such. Since I love to teach and help and see others grow I thought it was a lovely niche to be in! So now that is mostly what I do, I still create my Coloring books, just finished the 3rd one in my Gemstone series, and am currently working on the fourth but everything is gem focused now! There is so much I hope to create and so much beauty that I want to show in the world.

I have created follow along tutorials for gems, all kinds of them from basic ones to faceted.
Tutorials on youtube, written ones on etsy. Color alongs and follow along sheets. This is my whole little world of gemminess and I love it!  

zengem collage Amanda Rose Rambo

Faceted gems are the new craze!

For you lovely people I have even created some step outs for how to draw your own faceted gemstones! 

You can find me on facebook at facebook.com/vitruvianart
On Youtube at http://youtube.com/c/vitruvianart
On Etsy at etsy.com/shop/vitruvianart


Amanda’s gems are amazing and I would encourage you to watch her tutorials if you are interested in learning to create these gems. I will definitely be working on my faceted the gems again soon! Whether you are into coloring or tangling, Amanda has something for you.


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