CZT 27’s Ellie Miller!

I daresay Ellie is as proud of her CZT as her doctorate so this is how I will address her from now on! If you follow this blog, you know that CZT stands for Certified Zentangle Teacher. My friend, Dr. Ellie Miller just lived my dream by attending the last CZT training. I’ve been waiting anxiously to hear about her experience and decided to share her post with you so we will be jealous together! Welcome home CZT 27’s Ellie Miller!

I am a CZT! That’s a Certified Zentangle Teacher. This post is way overdue. It has been a week since Seminar ended, and I am still walking on clouds from the positive energy generated by the 93 attendees, the presentations by Zentangle founders and family (relatives and adoptees!), and the hushed intensive participation in activities […]

via CZT27 Seminar, Providence RI — TangleSXM

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