Diva Challenge #316

I’ve done a terrible job getting my challenge tiles finished this week! I seem to be stuck in a creative slump and tangling was really tough this week. It felt like work. Which, of course, means I’m doing something wrong. Instead of giving up on them, I slogged through and finished, though not pleased with my tiles (but when am I ever?!). So, here are my 2 tries, similar but different in small ways. Here’s hoping for Zen when tangling this week!

15 thoughts on “Diva Challenge #316”

  1. Welcome to the zenless club. Had the same problem this week. But while your 2 tiles turned out excellent (!), I can’t say the same for mine. I slightly prefer nr. 1 better. I love that corner tangle that somehow looks like mooka.

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  2. I love this one, especially thorough the middle, starting with copada, then the next 2 out. This combination really sings, and the shading just nails it. Wonderful!

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  3. You are too hard on yourself, both tiles are great! 😀 I like the stripy beaded part of tile 1 and the folded paper section of tile 2… both are very intricate. 😀

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