It’s a String Thing #195

It’s a String Thing challenge this week included a special treat for me! The challenge features my good friend and artist, Sarah Fowler’s “Strutz” pattern. I’ve played with it many times but never completed a tile featuring Strutz. Of course, being in a pretty big artistic slump made forcing the tiles uncomfortable. That said, I love her pattern and its hollibaugh effect. It’s funky bends and embellishment possibilities make it lots of fun to play with. Sarah is an amazing artist and such a positive person, it was a real pleasure to feature her art and story on my blog a few weeks back! 

Strutz was a perfect fit for this week’s string and it works great with Maria Thomas’ Printemps. I’m hopeful I can relax enough to get next week’s tile finished before Saturday night!

4 thoughts on “It’s a String Thing #195”

  1. Totally, completely in love with your Strutz! Way to tangle outside the proverbial,box, so to speak! Really awesome! Especially adore your echo shapes! If this was a forced effort, you let Strutz absorb all the pressure!

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    1. Thank you so much Barb! You have been so inspiring to so many people over the last few months! Thanks for being you! You should also expect me to get with you this summer as I realized that I featured your art but I haven’t done a profile and if you would allow it I know people would love it! ❤️😃


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