Diva Challenge #333

 This week’s Diva Challenge was brought to us by guest bloggers, CZTs Juliette Flessinger and Kellie Fellinge, from the podcast, Tanglepod.  Listen to their diva Challenge here. This week we were challenged to find and use our “cozy” tangles. Tangles we feel relaxed and comfortable with.  I chose flux (Rick’s version) and went with a tile  i had distressed earlier and then shaded using Crayola Super Tips. The Crayola Super Tips are water-soluble and perfect for shading with watercolor, Derwent Inktense or distressed inks. Right now, they sell on Amazon.com for $14.00 USD for 100 colors. A great deal for most wet media projects. All of the guest bloggers this summer have been excellent.




6 thoughts on “Diva Challenge #333”

  1. I really like the shaded color look that you achieved. However, whenever I use water based color, I am unable to tangle over it with a felt tip pen because it soon stops working. Did you have to use a felt tip pen over the color? Actually, I see there is a video. I’ll check it out to see if that answers my question.

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    1. What you want to use is a technical or artist pen with archival ink such as a micron pigma. In this case, I tangled the tile first and then put on the distressed ink, after drying I added the Crayola Super Tips then used an ultra fine tip sharpie to go over any faded lines. I’m just learning the distressed ink techniques. I’m sure youtube has tons of videos, but I’ve been learning from Eni Oken’s distressed tiles video lesson, which is excellent.

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