The Inktober Project


October is a special month for artists that use ink to draw! Back in 2009, an artist named Jake Parker began The Inktober Project. The featured logo is his work. Essentially, it was a challenge to himself to do 31 ink drawings in 31 days. Since then, “Inktober” has become a hand-drawn ink art phenomenon. Social media is full of daily prompts for inspiration done by all kinds of groups, from Facebook to Instagram and Twitter, Inktober has ink artists hopping to keep up!

Because the wide variety of prompts can be difficult for tanglers to match with tangle patterns that are meant to be abstract and non-representative, a variety of Facebook groups and others have published inktober tangle prompts. When i started, i was following CZT, Stephanie Jennifer’s list published on Instagram yesterday. Unfortunately, upon logging into my Facebook groups, i found they each had their own.

Today, I did 2 tiles, and I’m working on a third. Tomorrow, I’m doing one tile with all 3 tangles! That’s a lot of work separately.


 The 2nd was for the Square One: Exploring Zentangle Facebook group.

 The prompt for this week was baton, and here’s my tile.


I think I will have to save the last for tomorrow. After today, I’ll post my entries to my Facebook page and Instagram. Just follow the links to find my entries. Feel free to take this challenge yourself! Remember to use the hashtags, #inktober, #inktober2017, #inktobertangles so we find you!

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