About Me!

Hello everyone! Welcome to my website, thetirelesstangler.com! My name is Cyndee Pelley and I am the voice of this site. It is my hope that you will find this site useful and informative, but also meaningful! There are a lot of Zentangle sites around and most of them are amazing places. One of the things that makes this site special, I believe, is the artist focus posts. These written pieces about the life of the artist, mixed with the beauty of their art are often inspirational to me. I feel by sharing these things together we peek into the souls of these wonderful people. This leaves me feeling deeply privileged!  The lives they touch and their personal philosophy can make you think twice about your pain or how tough life is for you, yourself! I know I’ve been personally humbled to know the people with whom I’ve spoken. Art has become my passion and I’m excited and driven to share something special!I have written, to date, 12 focus articles. The first on an amazing artist from the Zentangle®️ Mosaic App, Sarah Fowler, in the United Kingdom, but I also have written of artists from Spain, Canada, South Africa and Taiwan to name a few! I’ve realized this is something important I’m meant to do. I hope you will agree! A special thanks to each of the artists who’ve given their time and shared their art! 

I also haven’t arrived here without a lot of encouragement from the wonderful Zentangle®️ Mosaic App community. CZT, Ellie Miller, Sarah Fowler, CZT, Terri Delaune, CZT, Jody Genovese, CZT, Laura Story, and so many more have all had a hand in giving me the courage to take this step! My life has literally been transformed by the caring support and encouragement of these people! I’m truly blessed! 

So, about me!😊 I’m 56 years old and I’m a single mom of an 8-year-old boy. I’m an artist (you have no idea how hard it is to say that but it’s getting easier!), and a blogger. I’m also completely disabled with a degenerative spinal disease that has left me with nerve damage on my left side. This makes walking straight and not falling down a nice surprise every day! 😚 2 years ago, I lived in my room and didn’t leave the house. I was seriously depressed and hopeless. I felt without purpose and that I was a burden on others. I knew I needed help because I was in a dark emotional place. I signed up for a counselor and I’ve seen her ever since. My beautiful German Rottweiler, Simba, keeps me smiling! He never lets me sit too long without a break and is always encouraging me with his love and attention. He may never work as a public access service dog but he definitely qualifies as one as he can help me stand and walk straight. No words about me are complete without him in my life. 

Here’s my best friend and companion, Simba!

 Image of service dog, Simba Image of service dog simba outside

My first sketchpad was dedicated to my counselor because it was she who put me on this journey. We have tangled together a couple of times because I feel it’s so important she be aware of the positive effect of Zentangle for others like me she may come across in her practice!

Skip the adult coloring phase and go to drawing my own pictures (although I learned a LOT about colored pencils and blending.) I was drawing a dragon for the grandkids and wanted a pattern to put on her wing. You may notice she is unfinished because here I found Zentangle!

Color dragon by Cyndee Pelley

Fast forward through Pinterest and to TanglePatterns.com and there I found the Zentangle®️ Method! How that moment fundamentally changed me. I began drawing patterns about 18 to 20 hours a day. This is how my blog was named. Drawing became my sole focus. It was like a dam burst and suddenly I was free! My art wasn’t very mature (still isn’t) but it’s improving! Here’s the first thing I uploaded to Mosaic.


This is called a ZIA (Zentangle Inspired Art). Meaning it’s a mix of patterns and ideas based on the Zentangle Method but not conforming to the structure and rules of it. Like adding color.

My next pivotal moment was reading Dr. and CZT, Ellie Miller’s blog post (tanglesxm.com) about the Zentangle Primer, vol. 1 and why it was the best Zentangle purchase she had made. I finally spent some precious cash and there, I truly began to understand the Zentangle®️ Method. It is a method and not just for drawing. My most important attitude shift happened with this beautiful book, whose dustcover had to be removed because I was using it constantly. 

My first Zentangle Primer lesson. wp-1489265276348.jpg


My second try! After this, my addiction to Zentangle and art were permanent! After, buying Eni Oken’s books and joining Eni Oken’s Art Club, I am finally courageous enough to say “I’m an artist”. 

Last year, I experienced the tragedy of suicide, 3 times in 6 weeks. It was months before I was calm enough to draw, much less write this blog. I didn’t think I’d survive. But I kept trying, thanks to my counselor and the Zentangle community, I’m back and determined not to give up. My life is unrecognizable from last year at this time. It is always filled with adversity but I have managed to find my joy again thanks to Zentangle and the support I can always find with you, my dear readers! 💔 Thank you for making my life rich and full again. Each of you is dear to me!

This is my disclosure section: unfortunately, I now need one, but it is a sign of progress. 

I am currently an affiliate marketer for Amazon (US) but i hope to add the UK, CA, and DE.

I’m also an affiliate marketer for Eni Oken’s Art Club. 

What does affiliate marketing mean? Basically that I host ads for things I think are useful to the artistic community, or, as with Eni Oken’s Art Club, I may earn a small commission if you join art club using the link on my website, or make a purchase on Amazon using my link.

I am in the process of branding this website. Making choices in how I want it to look and be set up. Please give me your feedback if you love or hate anything. If something doesn’t work, I want to know so I can fix it! It will probably undergo several transformations before I’m happy with it. I would ask your patience for my growing pains. I want to switch to a business plan and I need to figure this out before I begin offering anything. Being an affiliate may help pay for some of my costs moving forward. 

Most important is to tell you that this site and blog are mine. The decisions on what to write and what to say are solely mine. Neither Amazon.com nor Enioken.com is responsible or liable in any way for my words or mistakes. All content is my responsibility alone.

Lastly, and most importantly, if you’re enjoying the posts here, please leave a like or a comment so I know how I’m doing! I’m very close to 15,000 views and I would love to reach that goal before January 1st, 2018.

Thanks to all my followers and readers! You make this worthwhile!

This picture is my pride and joy. Thank you Eni Oken for this amazing lesson! Tangled Dragons

Tangled dragon image by Cyndee Pelley


21 thoughts on “About Me!”

  1. Wow Cyndee! Your story and your path to Zentangle are awe inspiring. I’ve admired your beautiful works posted on Facebook for a while now, and always think of you as an accomplished artist. And your blog has been fascinating…. your generous sharing of featured artists really brings the world of Zentangle to life, while giving us readers insight into each unique journey. I’m delighted you’ve shared your story; your art will now hold more meaning knowing more about the talented woman behind the pen!

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  2. Cyndee, I know your story, but every time I read it I get shivers. Know that you are one of the strongest people I have met (virtually met :o). I’m so glad you found Zentangle and I found you. Your work as evolved and you ARE an artist. An amazing one at that. Bless you and here’s to all good things for the future.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I admire your tenacity to win over the boulders that have been placed in front of you in your life. The dragon is beautiful. I like the fact you are focusing artists so we can all learn the person behind the art.

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  4. Cyndee, I admire you so much for telling your story. You are truly an artist among artist and never never doubt that! I have degenerative disk disease. I was diagnosed when I was in my mid 70s and had two operation within 1 and 1/2 years apart. it was a very depressing time for me and it did not relive the pain! So I know where you are coming from. I will keep you in my prayers! Looked at all your art and is just awesome! By the way you are close to my daughters age.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Barbara! As a WordPress user you can just follow me but click on any post and you will see a “subscribe to my Newsletter” button in the sidebar or at the bottom of the post. It depends on your device. Signing up there will notify you of any new content. I appreciate your visit and look forward to hearing from you again!💜


  5. Wow!!!! Do you realize how many lives you touch???? You remind me of a fabulous diamond with each facet full of light, brilliance, Hope and joy! I’ve read so many tangle books and watched so many demos, but I always find my self turning to you for guidance! You make opportunities (??), but laugh them off and go on! Thanks to you, I find myself able to laugh off my opportunities ! That’s a tough lesson!! Things we have in common: while my disability will be a short one, I have been sitting in the same chair for three months ( have 3 to go), drawing like a maniac and being loved and encouraged by my Rottweiler, Cedar!!!
    Don’t you ever give up!!! Reach out to us when you hit a snag and we’ll pull you up!!!! Thank you for your blogs and lessons! You are greatly loved!!
    Ann S in Indiana.


  6. Hi dear Cyndee… I just read your biographical material found on Google.
    Finally, I am informed why Simba is allowed to bark on your show, why you can laugh and go on in the midst of a mistake, why your hand may shake in an instance or two, how at the end of your tangle drawing, it turns out to be
    beautiful. I am chair bound and have been for a few years. I have looked at , I think, all the You Tube Tangle programs that are presented. Somehow, I keep coming back to your
    program because you are so likesble and humble in your presentation, showing such gratefulness to your listeners. You are also talented and explain things well to your audience
    I hope you continue to thrive and present Zantangle in your very own, very precious way! I also send my best to your new business ventures! I bought
    Brian’s book due to your great reccomendatinon. I am enjoying it so!
    I wish I would have known I should have bought it through you. My ears are dim. I wish you had captions and then I wouldn’t miss a thing. Just a hoped for addition. In the meantime, I love your program anyway!!!
    Marlene Elstad, Minneapolis


  7. I`m very happy I’ve found you…first on Youtube, Mosaic app and now at your virtual home. I was surprised when I watched one of your latest videos ” Walk the line” and you suddenly spoke German. You seem to have a thing for languages (which I love since I do have this thing, too) and the little snippets you reveal while tangling your art…..it tells me a lot. I love to listen to you and actually understanding. I’m German and I don’t have many English speaking people around here. So….listening to you, and generally online, helps. But mainly I’ve come for your art.

    May I ask a question. Do you sing in choirs. You wrote above you sang in Notre Dame. Very curious.

    Ich wünsche Dir noch einen schönen Tag. Es ist Abend hier.

    Liebe Grüße Beatrix


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