New Brand, YouTube and an Inktense Gem Tutorial

It’s a great new year! I’ve had a lot happening behind the scenes and time off with my family. First and most importantly for me was the gracious gift from the incredible digital artist Christel Foncke, allowing me to use one of her beautiful pieces of art to brand this website and all it’s social media sites. This incredible piece of art is just a hint of what Christel can do with her Apple Pencil! I will have her Artist Focus soon! Thank you, Christel! I can stop worrying about it now and I love it as much today as I did the day I added it! Follow Christel at @Christeldraws on Instagram.

Christel Foncke art ©️2018
Christel Foncke ©️2018

I have been in “school” at the YouTube Creator’s Academy because I’m slowly changing the format for this blog to include video. The more artists I focus on, the more I want to spotlight their work using video. Since my next artist in focus will be the incredibly talented Tomàs Padrós, I wanted to be sure I spent time learning to edit video, add audio and learn about copyright laws. I’ve been absorbing a lot of information and I needed to practice. This move was much more complex and involved much more time studying and practicing than I anticipated! I practiced by FINALLY doing the Inktense Pencil gem tutorial for which I’ve been trying to find the time about 6 months! So, I present my Derwent Inktense Gem Tutorial Part 1, which involves laying down and activating the Inktense bottom layer as well as 6 of my favorite color combinations. It features a traveling tangle tile with Amanda Rose Rambo, the “Gem Queen”, and myself. She has a great YouTube channel at Vitruvianart. Her content on creating gems is outstanding! So check her out! I’ve done two posts on her work if you’re interested (ZenGems: Meet Amanda Rose Rambo!, and Amanda Rose Rambo, Faceted Gem Master Class)

Traveling Tangle with Amanda Rose Rambo
Traveling Tangle with Amanda Rose Rambo

When I finished the first video, I uploaded it to “Gem Ho’s” the FaceBook group for Amanda’s VitruvianArt. They gave me some great feedback which I then used to make a part 1.5 which includes a complete gem using the new highlight technique I developed based on the feedback of the group. I would very much appreciate any feedback, positive or not. If you like the video please remember to like or comment and subscribe to my channel! It is pretty empty now but I have plans for it! I will be remaking the artist focus videos (with their permission) and uploading them both here and YouTube. I’ll be adding my pattern videos and anything else that seems interesting. My goal is to make each one better than the last! I need your help my friends! Give me honest feedback and comments. I can work on my accent if it’s too annoying but not if you don’t tell me it’s making you crazy! Thank you so much for all your support last year and Happy 2018!

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3 thoughts on “New Brand, YouTube and an Inktense Gem Tutorial”

  1. Dear Cyndee..I have been wondering where you have been and hoping that all is well with you. Now I see there was nothing to be concerned about, just the opposite in fact. You have been busy as a bee🐝 working on your website and youtube channel. I really enjoyed your Part 1 inktense Gem video and tried watching the 1.5 sequel but quite frankly the music was so distracting that I had to stop. I loved listening to your beautiful accent in the first video but could hardly hear it in the next one because of the music. So my cc would be to omit the music and don’t be shy about your voice. You are doing great! Keep up the good work and the more practice you have making these videos the more confident you will become and the better they will get. I really admire you and the direction you have chosen for your blog. It is very beautiful with Christel’s artwork, and everything you have done up till now on your blog has been very inspiring. I wish you lots of luck with this new endeavor!!!


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    1. Thank you so much, Sallie! I agree the Music was too loud. I seem to talk more naturally when I have something to listen to and I worry all the empty space. I think perhaps next time I will try listening just loud enough for me to hear but not for the mic to pick up! Each one has been a learning experience. It’s hard for me to leave music out since it’s a huge part of my life, however, I certainly don’t want my message lost in it! I appreciate your input so much! So many people are afraid to give honest feedback in a kind way and I really am glad you did! Thank you for your support and visits, likes and comments!

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  2. You’re so welcome, Cyndee…why not try lightly wearing earphones? Then you could hear it but it wouldn’t be distracting for your listeners. I agree music is an important part of our lives and it would be nice to integrate it into your videos but perhaps only on those where you are simply demonstrating a technique which requires no explanation. I am certain with practice you will come to trust the musicality of your own is so lovely..💞


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