Diva Challenge 387 & A New Celtic Knot!

Hello everyone! Welcome to The Tireless Tangler! There is a whole lot happening so be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss the fun! It’s good to get back in the swing of things! I’ve been really busy behind the scenes here on my WordPress site. I have many plans and I expect there will be growing pains but I am excited about the possibilities in the coming year!

March 17th is St. Patrick’s day and this is the perfect time to share some new Celtic Knot Tutorials. I’ve been hoarding some knot designs and I have some good ones for you this month. Below is a YouTube link for this week’s tutorial.

First though, let’s stop and enjoy this week’s diva challenge! The Diva, Laura Harms, challenges us to use CZT, Holly Atwater’s intriguing Tangle, HaWy. I thoroughly enjoyed exploring this Tangle. It looks high focus but it truly isn’t. It’s all about recognizing the star shape and working from there. I also like how it can look like 3D blocks or something entirely different depending on how you envision it. Thanks Holly for deconstructing this amazing pattern!

Here are 2 tiles that are very different.

This pretty Celtic knot represents sisterhood which is a perfect fit for Women’s History month. Be sure to subscribe to my channel or check back next Friday for a wonderful lucky Shamrock knot with hearts woven into the leaves!


10 thoughts on “Diva Challenge 387 & A New Celtic Knot!”

    1. Oh I am so glad to hear that! If you post something, don’t forget to tag me #thetirelesstangler! I hope you will try the trinity knot video next. It also uses Triquetra and isn’t very hard either. Good luck! 💜


  1. YAYYYYY!!! I am so happy to read that after trying haWy you found the “simplicity” in it. It takes a little while… but then you see that the construction is fairly basic. It kind of reminds me of other high focus tangles that I like, where initially it took a bit of concentration… and then you get the ah ha! moment where you realize and “see” the steps. I adore that you used the tangle two different ways in your tiles. They are both so beautifully illustrated. As with so many tangles, I am intrigued by how different this tangle can look based on shading and variations. Thank you ever so much for giving haWy a try!

    Love your Celtic knots! Thanks for another awesome video reference!


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