100 Days of Zentangle ® 2019

I feel like I need to welcome myself back! It’s been months since my last post and I have really missed the writing process! Let me take a minute and catch you all up! I have been absorbed both with the #the100dayproject and with things at home. School is out and extra time and effort has been needed at home. Things have been stressful but we are hoping that God has His hand on our situation and that things will happen as they should. We are so grateful for everyone’s prayers and positive thoughts for us! I sincerely believe it’s been a great help! Thank you!💜

Now, the 100 Days of Zentangle ® Project I started this year for #the100dayproject has been a revelation! I’m telling you now, I never, ever could have foreseen the many, many blessings I’ve recieved directly because I started this project! It started with a simple idea from a picture on Pinterest. I mapped out a simple project template and got in touch with Liz Drake, administrator of the Facebook group, ZIA’S, Tips, Tricks and Techniques. Working with Liz on the daily prompts, I then posted my proposed idea in the ZIA group as well as the group for Certified Zentangle Teachers. I was very pleased with the warm response the idea got and I took a huge step and went daily on YouTube with pattern explorations and adding the daily patterns to the 100 Days of Zentangle template. Almost as soon as I went to daily uploads, I saw my YouTube channel numbers steadily starting to climb. On April 12, I had 700 subscribers, and today?

1247!! Wow! YouTube now requires 1000 subscribers and a total of 4,000 hours of watch time on your videos in order to allow you to join their Partner Program and add monetizing (like ads, selling swag and such) features. I was chasing this goal but it wasn’t the reason I chose to do the project. I feel this project will be repeated many times and is timeless beyond this project. The number of tanglers interested in having their own inspiration piece they can frame and hang is around 300 that I am aware of. I think when they post their art, their friends will want to create one of their own! I never thought it would gain such momentum. This is where we are on day 85 (which was last week). Today is day 90 for me.

Here are some close ups of the progress.

I’m pretty proud of the art! I’m even happier about the warm community we have developed around my YouTube channel. I’ve made friends all over the world! They have become a part of my family in a way, like dear friends. It may sound strange, but it’s true! I feel my day would be less without the warmth and comfort of this beautiful group! I’ve recieved some wonderful comments from viewers saying that they feel the same way. I hope, if you haven’t joined me yet for the fun and friendship, and the tangling, of course, that you will check it out. Make a gorgeous piece of art and enjoy community!

Next, speaking of community and new friends, I want to introduce you to a very special lady! Her name is LA Juania Dorman. She is becoming very dear to me and I am blessed daily by her willingness to help. She is compiling a list of the tangles used on the 100 day project. The list is not yet available as we don’t know the last 9 tangles yet. As I write this, I am waiting to hear what Monday’s tangle will be. It’s Sunday evening! 😊 La Juania is going to give blogging a try and help out by sharing information here when I don’t have enough time to fit everything in! She is an awesome lady and I can’t wait for you to meet her! You’ll be hearing from her right here very soon!

I want to finish up by sharing the amazing news that, thanks to all the viewers on YouTube, my channel has been monetized already earning a small amount. (I do mean small!) but it’s a great start! I also crossed 1000 followers on Instagram! This will allow me to upload my longer videos to IGTV and not be forced to keep it under 10 minutes. I’ve learned a lot in the last couple of months! I have learned that you all want to know the quirky person I am, and a lot of you like me! Thanks! I have needed your support so much! I feel a lot more confident today about the future than I did a few months ago! I have proven to myself that I can do it! And not alone! As I tell y’all in the videos, “Y’all are the Best!

This is my tile from a game of Tangle Tag with my CZT32 class! Thank goodness I was third and not 16th! 😂

#tangletagczt32 featuring Cirque, Fengle and Mooka!

Finally, I just wanted to thank you all for your continued support! This is a very tough time of year for me and knowing that you are there makes a huge difference! 💜


19 thoughts on “100 Days of Zentangle ® 2019”

  1. I’m adding some of your “100 Days of Zentangle” videos to Tangle List’s “List of Official of Zentangle Tangle Patterns” page as well. I’ve already got links to your videos for Glace, Enyshou, and Dewd up there. Will continue adding video links when I find the time to update Tangle List. Thanks for making the videos!


  2. Hi Cyndee, I’ve just received your lovely and beautiful post! Thank you so much. I started a project with only 71 spaces and therefore it is already full. I’m not sure if I should draw a frame around or not. I’ll let it sit for a moment… I must tell you how happy I am that I had the chance to meet you in person at the CZT#32 seminar! You are the one of whom I have the most vivid memories (besides Rick, Maria, Molly and Martha of course…). I do hope that you are doing fine – my thoughts are with you!
    Big hugs an THANK YOU for this great project!


    1. Hey Cyndee, I ran across your video by mistake. What a great mistake. I have been zentangling for about 10 years on and off. I received a Zentangle Christmas card and the rest is history. I go back to Zentangle when I need zen. I have many trials in the last five years. But life goes on. Now for my problem, I must have use 10 sheets of paper and half a day trying to get chaining right and like your journey with this tangle when I finally screamed, I GOT IT! Lol Thanks for your patience and sharing your talent. I have two fur babies, Nellie Belle and Lizzie Mae. Susan


  3. I am a new follower. I love zentangles but have learned if I don’t keep practicing I lose the skill! So glad I found you, am heading to youtube to subscribe and Instagram as well. Congrats on your success!!! ~Kim


  4. I’m a reader rather than a watcher, so it’s lovely to read how things are going for you. Your 100 Days piece is truly stunning, I remember seeing it when you’d only filled in the first few spaces. A true example of how little and often can build to something most precious.


  5. I finally found a way to comment. I watch you on YouTube. You always talk about how much this 100 day project has given you. I feel like you. I watch everyday. Loving the way you sometimes have wiggly lines. Me too. Really like your commentary. Thank for being a part of my day.


  6. I’m disabled and facing 3 more surgeries so I know I won’t ever be able to get to a CZT class. That makes me so depressed. BUT I plan to study ALL of your videos and the many books I’ve gotten, plus Maria and Roberts 2 books. I know I won’t be certified but I’ll know a whole lot about Zentangle. YEAH !!!!!
    Love your books too…I have them all.


    1. I feel your pain and despair! I’m so sorry for the struggle you are going through. Robin, it may not be possible, I don’t know. I just know that I experienced impossible. I know things feel bleak, but lose yourself in the tangling. If you want to experience the true method they teach at seminar get the Zentangle ® Primer vol. 1. Take your time with it and truly try to internalize what it’s teaching. It can be a true place of peace. Part of the reason I started blogging was the desire to learn and share Zentangle. I never really understood it though, until I got the Zentangle Primer. Lastly, I don’t want you to give up entirely on your dreams! If I may be so bold, try out Eni Oken’s Art Club. Her teaching is incredible and the community is very loving and nurturing. I’m a better person as well as a better artist, for my experience with art club. Just a thought. In the meantime, reach out if you need a friend 😘


  7. Karma and I watch your YouTube channel every day, sometimes she comes away disappointed for not hearing from her friend, Simba. I have had many arm bumps when she does. Makes the project all the more special to me. Sad to have the 100 days come to an end. It seemed so daunting the first few days. Very special spending 94 mornings (so far) with you. I thank you, no we both thank you 🙂


    1. Lynn, you mean the world to me! You’ve been one of the most faithful from start to finish! Knowing Karma enjoys them too is wonderful! I am sure Simba will be talking to her again soon! I know what you mean about the arm bumps! Every time I look at a section, I smile and remember each “challenge” with a smile because there’s a lovely memory wrapped around it! Thank you for your unwavering support! 💜 🤗🥰


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