Albert and Friends

Last year, another tangler, Jennifer Sparrow, posted tiles to do with Inktober….a project started by where each day has a word you use as a prompt to draw a pen and ink drawing. Jennifer was posting wonderful tiles so inspired me to have a go.

My first one had a ‘bijou-like’ snail in it, and people liked it so much I just developed the idea. I asked Maria Thomas at the time if she was happy for me to use the snail and she replied, ‘Bijou likes to travel…’ which I thought was very sweet of her.
Anyway, as they developed, the snail took on a personality of his own and gained some friends along the way…

so the words for the tiles were…
top left…Worry Top right…..was for Valentines

Middle left….Burn Middle right….Slow

bottom left …Surprise! Bottom right…..Wreck

Needless to say Albert owes his existence to Rick and Maria and their wonderful Zentangle Method..



"Creativity takes Courage" Henri Matisse

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