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New Brand, YouTube and an Inktense Gem Tutorial

It’s a great new year! I’ve had a lot happening behind the scenes and time off with my family. First and most importantly for me was the gracious gift from the incredible digital artist Christel Foncke, allowing me to use one of her beautiful pieces of art to brand this website and all it’s social media sites. This incredible piece of art is just a hint of what Christel can do with her Apple Pencil! I will have her Artist Focus soon! Thank you, Christel! I can stop worrying about it now and I love it as much today as I did the day I added it! Follow Christel at @Christeldraws on Instagram.

Christel Foncke art ©️2018
Christel Foncke ©️2018

I have been in “school” at the YouTube Creator’s Academy because I’m slowly changing the format for this blog to include video. The more artists I focus on, the more I want to spotlight their work using video. Since my next artist in focus will be the incredibly talented Tomàs Padrós, I wanted to be sure I spent time learning to edit video, add audio and learn about copyright laws. I’ve been absorbing a lot of information and I needed to practice. This move was much more complex and involved much more time studying and practicing than I anticipated! I practiced by FINALLY doing the Inktense Pencil gem tutorial for which I’ve been trying to find the time about 6 months! So, I present my Derwent Inktense Gem Tutorial Part 1, which involves laying down and activating the Inktense bottom layer as well as 6 of my favorite color combinations. It features a traveling tangle tile with Amanda Rose Rambo, the “Gem Queen”, and myself. She has a great YouTube channel at Vitruvianart. Her content on creating gems is outstanding! So check her out! I’ve done two posts on her work if you’re interested (ZenGems: Meet Amanda Rose Rambo!, and Amanda Rose Rambo, Faceted Gem Master Class)

Traveling Tangle with Amanda Rose Rambo
Traveling Tangle with Amanda Rose Rambo

When I finished the first video, I uploaded it to “Gem Ho’s” the FaceBook group for Amanda’s VitruvianArt. They gave me some great feedback which I then used to make a part 1.5 which includes a complete gem using the new highlight technique I developed based on the feedback of the group. I would very much appreciate any feedback, positive or not. If you like the video please remember to like or comment and subscribe to my channel! It is pretty empty now but I have plans for it! I will be remaking the artist focus videos (with their permission) and uploading them both here and YouTube. I’ll be adding my pattern videos and anything else that seems interesting. My goal is to make each one better than the last! I need your help my friends! Give me honest feedback and comments. I can work on my accent if it’s too annoying but not if you don’t tell me it’s making you crazy! Thank you so much for all your support last year and Happy 2018!

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The True Gift Of Zentangle

I received a beautiful gift today from a wonderful lady and it reached into my heart and squeezed. It was completely unexpected and I know done with great compassion. CZT Jody Genovese sent me a small box delicately filled with small brown and tan crinkled paper ribbons, a new pack of black apprentice tiles (which I’ve wanted to try), 2 traveling Tangle tiles and one wine stained tile (something I’ve never tried), and a note of caring and support that had me tearing up. The absolute best part of tangling is meeting other tanglers. I’ve never met a better person than Jody. I’m learning, after a year, that the true beauty of the Zentangle® Method is in the community of tanglers. 

Jody did one other thing that meant so much to me and that was to tangle my Apcross pattern on a coffee stained tile. It immediately became one of my favorites! Check out how cool this is! This will be my featured image for Apcross! Jody, you did an amazing job! You’re becoming a good friend at a time when I needed it most! Thanks!

Apcross by CZT, Jody Genovese


Traveling Tangles Project: Terri Delaune, CZT

About two weeks ago I received 3 special pieces of mail in one day. Since I only ever get bills, this is a banner day for me! Even better? It was pretty mail! The Traveling Tangles Project is basically a way for artists to collaborate and share ideas. Each artist begins a tile and works about half the tile. They then mail the tiles to each other for completion. The resulting finished tiles are shared on social media or the Zentangle® Mosaic app.

Traveling Tangles Terri Delaune
Mail from Terri Delaune, CZT

Terri Delaune’s traveling tiles to me. I’m starting with the pretty black tile!

It took me awhile to get inspired (mostly because I was paranoid I’d mess them up) but when looking at the possibilities, this tile stood out because Terri chose a tangle by one of my very favorite Tanglers, Helen Williams, CZT. Terri drew the pattern “Steps” deconstructed by Helen Williams, with a light background of smoky “printemps”.

As I turned the tile around in my hand I tried to visualize what might be added, I wished Terri’s “Steps” had been “Ruffles” (another tangle from Helen Williams. If you want to see some amazing art visit her blog at These 2 tangles are sisters as they are drawn the same way with slightly different shapes. I’ve been drawing “Ruffles” non stop since I started tangling, it’s graceful curves somehow resonated with me. So it seemed fitting that I mirrored Terri’s Steps with my Ruffles. A round blank spot just begged for a Zengem and just like that, we had a tile!

Finished tile Traveling tangles project with Terri Delaune, CZT

Stay tuned for more traveling tangles! I still have 5 to finish and that doesn’t count the tiles I have to send back! I’m very excited to be involved with these great artists but more importantly, these amazing people. Thank you to Terri Delaune, for being one of those people!