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Traveling to Hell and Beyond 

Today was both a great day and it was hell. I had to/got to leave the house and see a new pain management doctor and it was terrible! However, it meant one of my boys (read man 😉 ) and his family hauled me all over then took me to dinner at OKC’s Hideaway Pizza! Since I rarely get to leave the house and never get out to eat, my sweet Keanu and his fiance Shai and their boys Karson and Kohen took me out to eat and shenanigans ensued! Those kids are so cute and sweet! They are my reason to smile today!

Unfortunately, I had to see the new doctor. Of course, I didn’t see a doctor I saw a PA.  I expected the obligatory urine test what I didn’t expect was to be TIMED! If I could not go in 5 minutes my appointment would be canceled and I’d be rescheduled!  Seriously? I was there more than 3 hours,  they did 8 X-rays (proving my spinal issues) but then refused to prescribe anything until another month and another appointment!  This is a pill mill and not a single person there acted as if they cared. And,  after my 3 hours of sitting in pain I left with tears of pain streaming down my face and nothing to show for the pain and humiliation of being treated like a drug addict. I don’t know what I’m going to do. What have we come to when chronic pain sufferers have NO other options than to be treated this way. Yeah, I’m really frustrated and angry.