The Tangler’s Paradise

My goal is to share the art and healing that is the Zentangle® Method as well as other artistic adventures. Over the last year, I’ve watched the Zentangle® Method transform my life, as well as my art.

Here I hope you will find useful information about Zentangle, Art and other creative pursuits. I participate in the Zentangle® Mosaic App, facebook groups devoted to Zentangle as well as other bloggers with related sites. I have a great Pinterest board with nearly 900 tangle patterns pinned. I blog to tumblr and post art to pinterest, Zentangle Mosaic, and I post here of course! I’m blessed with some great artistic friends and I hope to share their art here as well. Of course, all art shown here is copywritten by the creating artist and not to be used, or copied without the express permission of the artist involved. Contact me if you with to use one of my images. (

I’ve been drawing, coloring and painting now for over a year. The Zentangle® Method is a big reason I’ve become obsessed with art. I’ve discovered a talent for doing the “zengems” or “doodle gems”. So, we’ll probably do a tutorial at some point. I’m a bit old to be starting but I’m learning to be unafraid about my art. I’m doing it for me and if you appreciate it, that’s just a terrific bonus for me. I hope you will feel free to visit and contact me if you have questions or comments. I hope you’ll follow me and join the journey!

Copyright Notice :

Please note: All artwork on this website belong to the individual authors. Copying or redistributing any artwork from this site is prohibited by copyright law. Pinning of art on Pinterest or similar sites for your own, personal use, is not allowed. Here is a great article on how to legally use Pinterest. 

"Creativity takes Courage" Henri Matisse

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