It’s a String Thing #190

It’s once again time for Adele Bruno’s “It’s a String Thing” challenge and it was a definite challenge for me! This week’s string looks like this : wp-1490745718970.jpg

The 3 tangles chosen were all straight line type tangles. This was bad news for me as my hands shake badly and straight lines are the bane of my existence! The 3 tangles for this string are

  1. Box Spirals by Margaret Bremner
  2. Wind farm by Margaret Bremner
  3. Neuart by Ria Matheussen

These tangles all have straight lines and it was a true challenge trying to do 1 tile I wasn’t embarrassed to post! I caught myself several times changing the straight lines to curves! Finally, here is my tile. I’m really glad this one is finished and I’ll look forward next week’s “it’s a string thing”