Kevin Durant Leaves OKC

I know you’re thinking this is an art blog and you’re right. But I had a real need to express something about KD’s decision to leave the Thunder for Golden State. First off, I’m pretty sure the whole state is feeling betrayed as am I. If this were a business decision and not just about a ring I could understand. I’m looking at it from a fan’s perspective and I know he made the decision he thought was best for him.

That said, I want to ask how meaningful that ring will be to him stepping into a team that has a full rich roster and everything spoon fed. A ring in OKC would be a triumph, ring in the bay… Who cares? Not a single person in this state! I hope he’ll happy in his perfect little world. I never thought OKC would boo KD but I guarantee his first game here will be unpleasant. Nothing hurts more than betrayal and this fan is betrayed. Lucky for me, I’m a big fan of Mr. Triple double, Russell Westbrook. Without KD and Serge Ibaka it’s Russell’s Team all the way. I already know KD is irreplaceable but if anyone can pull this together, it’s Russ. I don’t know what this season will bring but this state, people and team will survive and flourish as we always do. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out KD, Golden State already had it’s stars, I guess you’ll just be one of the pack. Not being THE star might be harder than you expect. Too bad, this could’ve been the year for us.

Rant over. Disappointment continues.

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