Diva Challenge #315

 Hello and welcome back to The Tireless Tangler! It’s time for the weekly Diva Challenge. This weeks challenge was to get to know the Tangle “Molygon” better. To make friends with it. Sigh! I love Molygon. It was my very first tangleation about a year ago. I love the tangle but I’m always displeased with my results. Shaking hands are not friendly with Molygon! Maria Thomas said to “keep the lines consistent”. Hmmm…after 6 starts (and fails) and yes I know this is not true to the Zentangle® Method, (but they didnt have to post online for all to see) so after some thinking, finally I reminded myself I was missing the point of the challenge. I took out the sketchpad and played with Molygon until I came up with my own version that would be easier for me to draw. It’s closer to a “flux” in a molygon fashion but I’m sticking with it!


Diva Challenge Tile 315





15 thoughts on “Diva Challenge #315”

  1. I’m in love with your Molygon! The shape, composition, details are brilliant! The colour so intense! Wonderful exploration! 🙂

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  2. That is stunning! How did you get the intense colours on the black tile? This is a really interesting and beautiful variation on Molygon

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    1. Hi and thanks! I used prismacolor premier colored pencils, trick is to do a layer of white pencil first and then go in with your colors. This is how I do gems on black as well. In addition to white, I used yellow chartreuse, spring green, peacock blue, and Indigo blue on the leaves and imperial purple, China blue and Indigo on the blue orbs.

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