Certified Zentangle ® Teacher Training and CZT 32

Welcome to The Tireless Tangler everyone! I’m Cyndee Pelley and I am a brand new member of the Zentangle ® family! I’m currently sitting at the Delta Airlines gate in gorgeous Providence, Rhode Island, waiting for my flight home to Oklahoma. I’m so very proud to say I am now a Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT 32)!

This was such an incredible, joyful, amazing week! I will try not to annoy you with my exclamation marks but I am feeling so completely blessed you will probably see a lot of them! I have not been able to post in several weeks. My personal life has been in control and creativity has been lost to me but I knew if I could just get to Providence for CZT 32, I would be inspired! This week was both the hardest and one of the best weeks of my life! Singing in Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, driving through an ice covered forest in Germany with the sun sparkling off the icicles, seeing whales and dolphins in beautiful Alaska with my mom, and hugging my little boy are really the only things in my life that come close to rivaling the experience this week in Providence!

The landscape was lovely but I realized last night I had taken only a few pictures of it! So I snapped a pic of the Providence Biltmore last night.

This is the view from the event site on the 17th floor of the Biltmore.

I do, however, have many, many pictures of art and the amazing people I met while there! Many were uncomfortable with sharing their pictures online so with one exception, I’m not sharing my people pics. This one is particularly dear to me! I gave Maria Thomas a compliment one day and she took my hand and said “let’s have coffee”. Wow!

I would like to tell you this cheesy smile was an accident and I wish I looked better, but honestly, I wore this silly grin in all my pictures and it was a true representation of how happy I felt! (Maria Thomas is as wonderful and full of whimsy and joy as anyone I’ve ever met!) I will mention some of the other people I loved meeting but no pics.

I will share some of the art pictures and just a few of the mosaic pictures I took. Honestly, by the time I thought of taking pictures, I had missed some opportunities! We managed to do 26 mosaics in 4 days!

One of my biggest joys this week was meeting in person some of the dearest people I’ve known online in our community! In particular, meeting Anika of Zen.linea, who I was blessed to write about in one of my artist focus posts! What an amazing thing that was! She is an amazing person and now a fellow CZT 32! I was also able to meet 2 friends from India with whom I have been blessed to become close to online, Aish is living in India, and dear Prathima from India but living in Connecticut. Ladies, you own a special place in my heart! Jan from Florida, Leslie from Indiana (can’t remember where you live now) and Judy from Ontario, Canada, you ladies saved me from severe grumpiness last night over dinner! What a fun bunch! I want to especially mention dear, amazing, Juliette, my newest friend from France who now lives here in the states. She is one half of the awesome TanglePod podcast. What made Juliette such a beautiful friend? Besides being an incredible person and having that awesome French accent, she is loosing her hearing and was an American Sign Language enthusiast. She was so fascinating to talk to, we spent many meals together where she translated our conversations into French while I signed! I spoke German, ASL, English, learned a bit more French, a few words of Japanese…what a feast for my language starved mind.

To say this trip was a feast for all 5 of my senses is an immense understatement! I am completely enriched today! And I can now say, I am Cyndee Pelley, CZT32!

None of this would have been possible without all of the artists and CZTs who so generously donated to send me this week. There are not enough words in my admittedly large vocabulary to adequately express my deep gratitude to you all! 💜


23 thoughts on “Certified Zentangle ® Teacher Training and CZT 32”

  1. Cyndee! Notice the exclamation point. I’m so happy for you. You are so deserving of this and you were so talented before but I just know that this is going to add a whole new dimension to your tangling. There is just something about it my friend. Congratulations to you. I couldn’t be happier. Just wish I could have met you personally. It will happen someday…Much love!!

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  2. Cyndee, I’m thrilled for you that you had such a wonderful week!! I’m sure any anxiety you had waiting to see if the trip would happen was wiped away 5 minutes after you got there. Safe travels home and Congratulations!!

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  3. Dear Cyndee

    Your newsletter is the warmest I‘ve ever read! Your words in written are what my heart feels about this amazing Seminar with Zentangle and meeting up people. Such a wonderful time, we got so inspired and I will always remember the way, you are doing the gems! Thank you so much for taking your time and showing us, it will for ever be dear to me.

    I hope, your flight home was nice and smooth and send you a big hug 😘 Irène

    PS: mir gefällt das Foto mit Dir und Maria sehr 🤗👍🏻


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    1. Ahh Irène! I was so disappointed that I forgot to mention you and Lisette! You were my patient German practice partners! How nice it was to practice my 2nd language again! You were both so lovely to get to know! I was just reading last week’s “it’s a string thing” post and there was a tile from the beautiful Lisette! I am smiling still to think of you both and I have a wonderful picture of you both with your certifications! It’s so good I wanted to post it! Lol but I controlled myself!

      Vielen Dank for deinem comment! Es war wirklich etwas sehr schön zu sagen! Ich danke dich sehr! Wir können uns Auf Facebook (or as one person said, the book of faces!) und ich kann euch the photo senden! 💜💜

      Schön Grüße für Lisette!

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  4. Wow…..I’m SO thrilled you were able to achieve your dream, Cyndee!!!!! (Note all the exclamation marks) 😉 A huge Congratulations from me, Mary Pridham

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  5. Cyndee,
    Congratulations and welcome to the CZT family! I am so glad you did this because I knew the positive impact it would have! You have touched the lives of many people this week and I’m sure many more to come!
    Matt (mattskiczt on Mosaic and mattski1208 on Instagram and Facebook)

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  6. Hi Cyndee,
    A big congratulations on becoming a CZT! I’m so happy for you! I bet you’re higher than a kite! I know I was 🙂 I am a CZT 17 and teach classes in Anchorage, Alaska. I teach at the one and only art supply store in Anchorage called, “Blaines Art Supplies” (well we also have a Michael’s too). I wish you much luck in your wonderful Zentangle journey! ❤ If I can be of any help, just let me know!

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  7. Dear Cyndee, Your words so eloquently expressed many of my feelings about CZT32! I had the time of my life! My only regret is that I didn’t get enough time to talk with you and so many of the other fascinating people there. Your site is beautiful and easy to access. Endless “Lines of Love” to you!

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  8. Hi Cyndee,
    I somehow just stumbled upon your post. What an amazing time at Seminar 32! It felt very special. Meeting you was a memory I will cherish for a long time.
    Congratulations again on becoming a CZT. I hope you are enjoying it!
    Warmly, Juliette


    1. Oh Juliette! How wonderful to hear from you! I’ve been trying to catch your podcast lately and I’m still trying! 😞 I have thought of you often since and I am very pleased to be a CZT although my start has been slow! I hope I can connect with you soon on TanglePod!


      1. Cyndee, it takes time and every one travels a different road. Hope things continue to go in the direction you want to! Can’t wait to connect again.


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